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We know it's not rocket science but, in business there are two ways to increase your profitability. You can either cut your costs or increase your turnover. Biz-Mate can help you to do both.

At Biz-Mate, we do things differently. We are a bookkeeping firm, offering you all of the services that you might expect from an accountant. Yet we are not an accountancy firm and so we keep our costs and yours down. If you're not a limited company, you do not need to engage an accountant to handle your bookkeeping, Payroll and tax affairs. You can, effectively, do all of this yourself, or you can engage us to take the hassle from you.

We are also a Web Design firm and can help you to get the most that the internet has to offer, from a traditional website, to a blog page and the vast array of social media sites that are very popular today.

Our packages are designed to help you help you to save and earn money at the same time. From our Bronze package, a simple and inexpensive bookkeeping package, ideal if your a very small business or just starting out, to our VIP package which gives you a FULL Bookkeeping and Payroll facility as well as a Website, a Blog and Social Media conectivity, we believe that we've got you covered. Visit our packages page and see what we can do for you, or contact us directly if you'd prefer to have a chat about your requirements.

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