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David Cowhig
David Cowhig

Biz-Mate is different because we can help you to control your finances from both ends, that is, we can help you to save money through cost and tax savings as well as generate extra business through an effective online strategy including a Website, a Blog and Social Media sites. We'll work with you, making any changes that are necessary to maximise your bottom line. With all this taken care of, you can look after your business, do your job well and live your life.

In 2006, David Cowhig set up Biz-Mate because he saw a need for something different. "As a child I remember seeing the Diningroom table at home, littered with assorted business documents, which my father processed for VAT and other tax returns, and I felt that there must be a better way for small business owners. The increased use of computers in accounting together with the advent of the World Wide Web, have been game changers for business, so I thought, why not combine both in one attractive business package?"

David was educated at St Francis College Rochestown and Cork Institute of Technology, with business qualifications before, much more recently, continuing study to upgrade his skills in new technologies, especially Web Design.

Outside of work, David's primary interests include Public Speaking and many forms of live music. A member of his local Toastmasters Club and Cuman Na Dataid (The Forty Club), a uniquely Cork private club he has had the distinction of serving as president of both, on a number of occasions.

David can usually meet you in your place of business, your home or anywhere that suits you, rather than expecting you to call to his office. If you must come to him, then parking is much easier than it would be in the city centre, another plus when you're busy. This is what makes Biz-Mate different.